Corprotex Apparel have been one the UK and Ireland’s leading suppliers of mens workwear for over 20 years, working closely with businesses sourcing, branding and supplying high quality workwear for men to meet their particular and diverse needs.

Professional mens workwear and workwear for men

We cater to all sizes of organisation and work with businesses in a range of sectors, providing suitable workwear for men. We understand that men’s workwear can be more than just a suit and tie, and stock for all industries, including leisure wear, workwear trousers and protective work clothing, ensuring the whole gamut of men’s workwear is covered, regardless of workplace.

Professional men’s workwear should be suited for the environment the work is being carried out in, protecting the worker from hazards and dangers. We understand that safety and security in the workplace is key and all our men’s workwear can be highly visible and meets European regulations.

At Corprotex, we understand how important your brand is and how important brand awareness is, and we’re able to provide high quality embroidery and three different types of garment printing, ensuring that your men’s workwear is both appropriate for the environment in which it is to be used and suited to your brand. The high quality materials we use for the mens work wear are sourced from around the globe, and are especially designed to last.

If you want men’s workwear that represents your high business standards then look no further than Corprotex. You can reach us via email on or call us any time on 0161 223 2226. We can guarantee that you will always be in contact with a top level professional who will always be there to respond and will answer any enquiry you have for your men’s workwear needs.

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