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How do people see you, or more specifically, see your company? The perception of your company is vital to your business’s success. And believe it or not, what your employees wear to work is a big part of this. Workwear projects a variety of things, not the least of which are employee role, reliability and professionalism. Corprotex’s over 20 years of experience has taught us just how important it is to make a positive impression. Not just for the first time employees meet a customer or client, but for every subsequent interaction they may have with them.

Our team of specialists is always looking for inspiration from companies who know and understand the corporate work wear industry on an intimate level. That’s why we are proud to partner with Disley clothing.


What Does Disley Do?

Disley’s specialities range from the design and manufacture of clothing for the hospitality, business and delivery industries, to name but a few. They offer several ranges, including wool rich and non-iron. It is Disley’s commitment to versatility that has resulted in our partnership with them; indeed, we continue to be improved by the knowledge and experience of our partners.

Making Business Clothing Work for All

Above all else, the clothing your employees wear needs to be able to be comfortable to wear. No employee should feel embarrassed to don their business or other work wear. In the case of hospitality businesses, clothing needs to stand out enough to identify employees as staff, but not be so busy or colourful that it distracts the employee or the customer. Achieving this balance is to walk a fine line indeed.

In entrusting your work wear need to our Corprotex team as well as our partners, you can be assured that no matter what your employees choose to wear to work, they can always provide customers with a professional and pleasant visual experience.

Another facet of making business clothing work is making it affordable. When employees need to have several outfits for their weekly shifts and must pay for their work clothing, affordability is the key. Employees who must work to afford their clothing will not be happy individuals. The same is true of employers. You don’t necessarily have to spend all of the money in your budget to outfit your employees in professional and appropriate work wear.

Find out how Corprotex can help you dress your staff affordably and with style.


Perception is Everything

When your employees are able to provide stellar service in staff wear that helps them do so, there are only benefits to your business. This is true whether your employees dress in suits and skirts or in polo shirts and trousers. When staff are wearing the same things, they appear as a cohesive unit. There is no mistaking who your employees are, which also makes it much easier for customers to identify them.

Durable clothing from Disley ensures that your employees stand out with style and colour. Their colour range includes multiple shades, all of which can be mixed and matched with their line of skirts, blazers and trousers to form an attractive collection of work wear options for your employees.


Corprotex is ready to help your Employees Excel

Providing plenty of options for staff wear is the key to keeping them motivated about the work they do for you. Corprotex are experts in the business uniform and corporate work wear realms, as well as being national leaders and top suppliers of quality clothing. Call us on 0161 223 2226 or email us on sales@corprotex.co.uk to discover your many options for employee garments.

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