Brook Taverner are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of high-quality corporate clothing, providing a whole range of sophisticated work wear for both men and women. At Corprotex we are proud to be able to supply the complete Brook Taverner business suit collection to UK and Ireland businesses with teams of 6 or more staff.

The Brook Taverner business suit range can be tailored to fit your team and customised with tax tabs or embroidered branding to fit in with your brand identity.

What makes Brook Taverner business suits the corporate clothing of choice for British businesses?

When choosing a corporate suit for your team, several considerations come into play:

  • Versatility
  • Fashion
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Value

Brook Taverner’s business suits positively address each of these points.
For a discerning business, you want your team to look smart, professional and business-like when representing your company. It isn’t enough to have a corporate uniform that simply looks like it’s come off the shelf. It needs to be fashionable, hard wearing and easy to keep clean. At the same time, it is good to have a clothing supplier who is equipped to give you the best value for money within your budget.

Corprotex and Brook Taverner: the best workwear partnership for your business

This is what makes Corprotex and Brook Taverner a great working partnership and enables us to offer a winning proposition for your business. Brook Taverner provide a comprehensive wardrobe of men’s and women’s corporate and business suits, tailored to follow contemporary business trends. At Corprotex we provide a bespoke service that carefully selects the best Brook Taverner business suits based on the needs of your business.
Our years of experience in the industry have given us an unrivalled understanding of corporate clothing, so you can rely on us to take care of all the details in order to give you exactly what you want, every time.

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Are you looking for more information about corporate clothing and want to find out if Brook Taverner business suits are right for you? Get in touch with one of our customer service team today on 0161 223 2226. We are here to help you find the right corporate clothing solution that fits your budget and helps your team look and feel fantastic.

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