Receptionist #clothing – What you need to know

For any business, the reception area is the first area that your customers see. This means that your receptionist will be the first person that customers come into contact with. The receptionist is the ‘face’ of your company, the one that your clients and customers will begin to build their first impression of your business with. Therefore, it is essential for your receptionist to dress appropriately.

Of course, what your receptionist wears will depend largely on the type of business you are running. For example, if you run a Yoga studio, your receptionist may dress more casually than if they were at an office. There are many choices for reception wear today, but keeping a few simple ideas in mind can help you choose the right work wear for your receptionist.

Mix and Match

There are many ways to mix up work wear to present a particular image to your customers. For example, when perusing the websites of work wear suppliers, you might find there is more than one grouping of work wear. For instance, a site may have knitwear, patterned blouses and other items. So you can combine knitwear with patterned blouses, a plain blouse with coloured trousers or casual trousers with a more professional top. It really is up to you.

Be Smart

Any receptionist, regardless of the industry they work in should maintain a smart, clean and professional appearance. This means that no matter what uniform they wear, it should be of professional cut and fashionable design.

Of course, the smart look goes beyond clothing. Ensuring your receptionist keeps themselves well is also a big part of the look. Hair should always look clean and be combed, brushed or styled. Makeup should be kept to a minimum, with the goal of enhancing, and not changing the look of the face. This means light eye shadow and eyeliner, and minimal lipstick and blush.

What Is The Business?

As stated previously, the type of business can dictate what is worn in reception. For example, an auto shop may see the receptionist wearing the same colours as the mechanics, but less casual. Similarly, the receptionist at an office may wear the colours in the logo, but at a more fashionable level than those working behind the scenes.

Incorporating Denim

Denim may be thought of as best only for casual Fridays. However, it can also be incorporated into regular receptionist wear. However, once again it depends on the business. Responsible execution of denim is important at reception. Dark and tailored denim that’s free of embellishments or distressing can present a highly fashionable as well as professional look. Adding dressy shoes with some jewellery can up the fashion ante even more.

Modesty is King (or Queen)

Being modest is a good rule of thumb to follow when deciding on the clothing that should be work by the receptionist. Any receptionist clothing – or other employee clothing, for that matter – should be business-appropriate. This means no low-cut tops or short dresses or skirts. To make choosing easier, consider whether or not a person would wear the same outfit to work that they might wear to dinner with their grandparent. If they wouldn’t wear it there, then it likely doesn’t belong in the office.

Of course, it is much easier to make the choice for what your receptionist will wear when you have a clear definition of the image you want your business to project. The decision for what reception wears may have to wait until this is clarified. Remember that customers will get an impression of your company in little more than 7 seconds. What impression will that be?


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